Inflation. Rising Interest Rates. Recession. 3 Scary topics Explained


Read Motley Fool Wealth Management’s new Investor Brief: “Inflation. Rising Interest Rates. Recession. 3 Scary Topics Explained”

Our team of experienced professional portfolio managers and research analysts believe that three intersecting themes will dominate the headlines as they could impact the markets over the next 12-18 months: Inflation, Rising Interest Rates, and the possibility of Recession.

For investors like you, it’s important to explore how these forces can potentially impact your portfolio.

Which is why we’ve prepared this brand-new Investor Brief, to help answer important questions, such as:

  • How long should we expect higher inflation to potentially last?
  • What could be the impact of higher interest rates on inflation?
  • Which asset classes generally do well during inflationary periods?
  • What about holding cash during inflationary periods?
  • Could a recession surprise the market this year?

In this new Investor Brief, you will find these answers and more.

Plus, discover how some of the most anticipated predictions of 2021 turned out (Hint: if you know the old saw in finance about predictions, you already know the answer).

Explore how higher interest rates can affect stocks AND bonds, why we continue to believe it all comes down to quality companies, and how YOU can prepare for the potential impacts to your portfolio.

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