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Taxes aren’t just a hassle and a headache – they can take a sizable bite out of your long-term wealth.

The more money you earn and grow throughout your lifetime, the higher the cost, and the more complicated your tax situation may become.

So here’s the question on so many minds: How do I keep more of my hard-earned money?!

Motley Fool Wealth Management is here to help you out.

In our comprehensive guide, you’ll discover nine savvy moves that could lower your tax bill in retirement.

We lay out practical, actionable strategies you can put into practice right away. This guide will help you understand your options, so you can better prepare for retirement, live the retired life you’ve always dreamed about, and design a legacy you feel proud of.

This new guide tackles important questions like these:

  • What strategies can I use now—and later—to reduce taxes for myself and my heirs?
  • Can I avoid taking my required minimum distributions (RMDs) or delay Social Security withdrawals?
  • Is there any way to shrink my capital gains tax?
  • What are the pros and cons of gifting wealth to my heirs while I’m alive?
  • Should I set up a family foundation, or distribute my wealth to charities through a donor advised fund (DAF)?
  • Is a Roth conversion a smart move for me?
  • How are my different income sources impacted by taxes? And do I need to use a unique strategy for each one?

You’ll find answers to all of these questions – and plenty more – in this new go-to guidebook. Plus, we’ve included case studies and examples to bring these strategies to life!

Discover how to plan for a tax-efficient retirement and the actions you can take today to potentially lower your tax burden and keep more of the money you’ve earned.

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